April 19, 2024

Splunk and Toradex: A Partnership Powering the Edge with NXP iMX8M Plus

BY Splunk & Toradex

In the rapidly evolving world of edge computing, Splunk is excited to announce a transformative partnership with Toradex, leveraging the power of the NXP iMX8M Plus platform to build our first Splunk Edge Hub. This collaboration marks a milestone in our journey to accelerate data access at the edge by using a robust industry platform with purpose built software to be a leader in the IT and OT digital transformation convergence.

The NXP iMX8M Plus platform, renowned for its performance and versatile capabilities, is at the heart of this partnership. Its high-performance multi-core processing, including up to four 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 cores and a Cortex-M7 co-processor, is designed to tackle the most demanding edge computing tasks. The inclusion of a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) capable of delivering up to 2.3 TOPS, enriches the platform with powerful machine learning capabilities for Edge AI applications, essential for today's intelligent applications (NXP® Semiconductors Official Site).

Our collaboration with Toradex brings the Splunk Edge Hub OS to life. We’ve designed a Yocto Linux image specifically tailored for the Splunk ecosystem. This initiative exemplifies our strategy to streamline data ingestion from the myriad of sensors in physical and edge environments, facilitating actionable analytics and enhancing end-to-end visibility within the Splunk Platform. The integration of Torizon, Toradex's open-source software platform, with Splunk Edge Hub, simplifies the development and maintenance of embedded Linux software, ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of technological innovation (Toradex Official Site).

This partnership is more than just a technical collaboration; it's a vision for the future where edge computing is accessible, efficient, and integral to every digital transformation strategy. Watch a video of the innovative development journey here on the Toradex Website

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This product release reflects Splunk's ongoing commitment to innovation, partnership, and customer success, encapsulating the essence of our approach to edge computing and the strategic importance of Technology partners like Toradex and NXP.

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