Product Overview

Splunk Edge Hub makes it easier to capture and act on a subset of data that has historically been difficult to access. The device — coupled with the power of the Splunk platform — helps customers to achieve rapid time to action, end to end visibility, and extensibility of data generated in physical environments, all at scale.

Splunk Edge Hub Capabilities

Seamless integration of data from Edge to Splunk
Rugged monitoring for Edge infrastructures
Extensible capabilities to accelerate data-centric solutions

For solution based outcomes and use cases

Built- in sensors to manage environmental risk
Native protocol support to create industry-specific solutions
Proven data analytics platform for speed and scale

Set up fast.

Start aggregating immediately.

Get connected.

Access partner solutions.

Splunk Platform analytic power.

Drive KPIs to the edge.

Splunk Edge Hub IoT Extensibility

Splunk Edge Hub’s IoT extensibility helps integrate existing sensors in a customer’s data center, network closet, or similar environment. Featuring built-in sensors including temperature, vibration, light, and more, extensive connectivity options from ethernet to LTE connectivity, and industry protocol support, Splunk Edge Hub and Splunk platform are an innovative solution to achieve rapid time to action in physical environments.


Resources and Support

Get Started with Splunk R Edge Hub

Whether you are looking to monitor your edge devices, analyze edge data, or automate your edge operations, Splunk Edge Hub solutions will get you there faster. Get in touch with us today to learn more and take the first step towards edge computing success.

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