Datacenter/Network Monitoring

Real time monitoring of your critical datacenter operations can reduce environmental impact, reduce network outages, and automate reporting requirements.

Partner Solutions

Predictive Maintenance

The continuous monitoring and sensor data collection offered with the Splunk hub combined with the powerful Splunk analytics platform provides you with the visibility needed in order to accurately predict upcoming maintenance needs before they arise helping you reduce any potential downtime before it occurs.

Manufacturing Monitoring

The edge hub can help you achieve complete visibility over your manufacturing environment. whether this be through monitoring of you industrial processes, energy consumption or environmental monitoring of your manufacturing facilities.

Network Infrastructure Monitoring

The edge hub offers you the ability to monitor your network infrastructure to help ensure the optimal environmental conditions and to eliminate any blind spots in your network infrastructure monitoring, through extending your current boundaries with the edge hub.

Critical Infrastructure

Safe Biometric security inside a datacentre. AI powered anomaly detection of equipment lockers in remote and rural locations. Correlated vendor and third-party sensing on crucial network appliances.

Highly Secure Spaces

Detect movement of inventory using AI powered visual recognition. Receive alerts for unauthorized access based on biometrics. Capture and correlate third party sensor data such as RFID scanners and weight sensors in Splunk.

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Splunk-trained edge hub domain expert partners architect and deliver industry-specific outcomes by tailoring the Splunk Edge Hub solution to critical business and operational challenges within their industries.

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